The Mythic Present

Artist Statement:

“Out of the many places I have lived, I’ve felt the greatest spiritual connection to Florida’s natural world. These unique ecosystems offered refuge from suburbia and nurtured my curiosity as a child. Now an adult, I continue to retreat to the swamps and mangrove shores in search of silence and reflection. It’s in these moments I become in tune with my surrounding and imagine what this layered land looked like 500 years ago— before the Spanish explorers made contact. This series brings awareness to the forgotten history of Florida’s natural heritage. It pay’s homage to the indigenous peoples who occupied this land long before colonialism. The natural world, which is all encompassing & all-important, is being relegated to the past—a place of memory—at an intensifying pace. We are witnessing the demise of unaltered nature. We are disconnected. This series illustrates our detachment and lingering memory of life the land holds.”

“The Mythic Present, No.2″, Multiple color reduction woodblock print, 9×20”, 2020
“The Messenger”, Multiple color woodblock print, 10″ diameter, 2019
“The Mythic Present”, Multiple color woodblock print, 12×12″, 2019