Hidden Kingdoms

Artist Statement:

“This series pays homage to my inner child; the little girl who wandered off the sidewalk and found magic in the overlooked green spaces that thrive on the fringes of urban sprawl. “Hidden Kingdoms” illuminates the forgotten and marginal parts of our natural world and gives credence to the ecological and human value of observing what is pushed to the periphery and deemed “dead”

“Hidden Kingdoms, Sawgrass”, Woodblock print on masa, 22×22″, 2020

“Hidden Kingdoms, Loop Road”, intaglio w/ watercolor, 5×7″, 2020
“Hidden Kingdoms, Brooker Creek”, Intaglio w/ watercolor, 4×5″, 2020
“Hidden Kingdoms, Juniper”, Intaglio w/ watercolor, 3×5″, 2019
“Hidden Kingdoms, Hammock”, Intaglio w/ watercolor, 4×5″, 2019
“Hidden Kingdoms, Alafia”, Intaglio w/ watercolor, 5×7″, 2019